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Looking at how access to healthcare in Vietnam has developed - Medical Assistance Service Vietnam

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Care of Asia - medical assistance partner cites at various places across the county – in this way, the assistance company is able to reach any patient within a 15- to 45-minute timeframe.

In response, some assistance companies will insist on dispatching an interpreter team and providing telecommunication services, so that the treating doctor and patient can communicate with each other for simple outpatient cases. “However, when the requirements get more complicated,” said Dr Vu, “Care of Asia’s multilingual team can be dispatched to the hospital to stay beside the patient and help communicate with hospital staff and doctors 24/7 for any assistance.”

Care of Asia - as a leading medical assistance in Vietnam, cites more than 1,167 public hospitals, 191 private hospitals, more than 30,000 private polyclinics, 87 small-sized maternity hospitals, 30 foreign-invested clinics, and 29 clinics with involvement of foreign doctors across the country

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