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Outbreak of Coronavirus - Vietnam to respond

Viet Nam is setting up a rapid response team to fight the deadly coronavirus that is sweeping the world, according to Directive No 5, issued on Tuesday 28th Jan, 2020:

Ministry of Health to direct and guide localities and units to strictly supervise and detect cases early, especially those entering the country from infected areas.

Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to direct tour companies to cancel trips from and to the provinces and cities infected with diseases. Chinese tourists already in Viet Nam are encouraged to restrict their movement. The ministry must direct units to coordinate with local medical establishments to isolate tourists found to be infected with the virus.

Ministry of Public Security to collaborate with the health sector to strictly supervise and strictly control epidemics at border gates.

The Ministry of National Defense has been asked to close trails connecting with China and control passersby at border gates.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must coordinate with the Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs in determining the number of Vietnamese citizens in the epidemic area to protect them when needed.

The Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs must closely monitor the health status of labourers returning from epidemic areas in China.

He has also required the Ministry of Information and Communications to direct local media to publish accurate and timely reports and measures for people to prevent and fight the epidemic.

The Ministry of Education and Training must inform students studying abroad to stay away from affected areas. The Ministry of Finance must ensure adequate funding for epidemic prevention and control when necessary.

Vietnam has also suspended visas for visitors from coronavirus-hit areas

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