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Medical evacuation by private charter from Sapa to Hanoi


One of our valued corporate clients requested us to obtain a full English medical report for their patient who got a serious accident, admitted in a local state run hospital in Sapa. This is usually impossible for a third party to obtain an English medical report from a state run hospital. However, with a medical team in house, Care of Asia medical doctor was able to talk with the treating doctor and obtain full medical information in Vietnamese, then put it down in to a report with English translation. After verifying the report, the insurance decided that patient should be transferred ASAP to a better nearest medical facility in Hanoi. Care of Asia was asked for an Air Ambulance quotation to immediately fly our patient as quickly as possible from Sapa town to Hanoi city. Our quote was provided within 15 minutes after our medical team was dispatched to visit the patient at the hospital for bedside assessment. The insurance approved. We took action right away and sent them our tentative plan after calling up our medical escort team and well medically equipped aircraft with full insurance certification for earliest departure. A few hours after AA activation, our patient was evacuated to one of the best hospitals in Hanoi city 

Stretcher ticket with Vietnam Airlines and Tarmac Service - Medevac from Hochiminh city to Melbourn city

Care of Asia receive an urgent request at mid night, early Friday morning, asking for arranging a medical stretcher service with Vietnam Airlines and tarmac access procedure flying from Ho Chi Minh city to Melbourn.  For some reason, Vietnam Airlines can only approve the stretcher booking once they receive original medif signed by their authorized hospitals/medical centers and agents. Care of Asia was appointed to be a trust worthy partner to play an important role in this medical air evacuation.We proactively contacted patient's treating doctor of Cho Ray hospital where the patient had been admitted to learn about patient's medical conditions. After it was reassured by the TD  that patient was fit to fly with medical escort doctor and nurse. Medifs were obtained by our Care of Asia team right away in the morning of Friday. We then submitted the medifs to Vietnam Airlines for stretcher service at their office in HCMC. One morning after that our medif submission was verified and approved by Vietnam Airlines. Stretcher booking with Vietnam Airlines is always required to reserve 72 business hours in advance. However, with our great relationship with not only Vietnam Airlines but many others airlines, we were able to speed up the stretcher reservation through the weekend. We successfully got patient onboard with stretcher confirmation for the flight in the evening of Monday, only 48 hours since Airlines medif approval. The stretcher reservation always requires tarmac access procedure for medical escorts and our ambulance to be able to get through the restricted area and keep our patient boarding the aircraft directly from the ground ambulance. Care of Asia team can get tarmac access done within 1 day, right away after the stretcher ticket was booked on Saturday. Our patient was smoothly flown home with safe and warm hands and sweet hearts <3 

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Care of Asia assisted our client with an Accident in Condao

Miss Magarete Hompton, a Bristish tourist was on her honeymoon trip to Condao island of Vietnam. While knorlkling to enjoy the beauty of its ocean, Miss Magaretee slide over on a rock and felt terrible pain on her butt. She was then transferred to a local hospital. The doctors were very helpful and gave her attentive care. However, language barrier came out as a difficulty for further treatment at this local clinic. She didn’t really understand what the doctors wanted to say to her and became very worried. She felt more painful and decided to call her insurance in the UK to seek for an evacuation to a better medical facility with English speaking doctors. Care of Asia was contacted by the insurance. Taking quick action, we connect with the treating doctor to learn more about our subcriber’s medical condition and also spoke with our sub to understand her concern. We then dispatched our escort team to meet with the helicopter provider’s crew in Vung Tau city, a closest mainland base to Condao. Within 1.5 hours after the call of assistance, our team arrived at Condao airport. To minimize the time consumption of evacuation, we booked the ground ambulance escorted by the treating doctor to transfer the patient from the hospital to meet our medical team at Condao airport.

In Ho Chi minh city, another ground ambulance was arranged to meet the patient and medical team on their arrival. The procedure at the airport was prepared in advance by our staff. Tarmac Access for the ambulance to pick the patient directly from the helicopter was ready too. Patient arrived in safe hands at the airport and was transferred to Franco Vietnamese hospital for further better treatment.

Saving a possible hugely cost evacuation in Sapa

Care of Asia received a request for an urgent medical evacuation from Sapa, Lao Cai, a mountainous area to Hanoi. The sub was staying at Meo Vac hostel. He got an accident while hiking in a local village there. His arm was supposed to be broken and he could not even move it because it terribly hurts, the case was reported to the insurance.

On the behalf of the insurance, Care of Asia was ordered to arrange the urgent evacuation by helicopter. Following the step of medical evacuation, our doctor came and saw the patient first. He after that reckon that there was no need for the patient to be evacuated because it was just a soft tissue wound. To make sure our client got right diagnose, our doctor took the sub to a near clinic to do the X-ray and the result was completely fine.

We received big thanks from the subscriber since it was only the first day of a total 7 days up to Sapa with his family. He can continue and enjoy the beautiful rice paddy terrace of Sapa and comfortably exploring more of the town with his family.

On insurance side, we could save a huge cost for the insurance since Care of Asia has a local doctor onsite to check the patient’s condition first before implementing the helicopter evacuation.


Medical evacuation from Cambodia to Vietnam 

A serious traffic accident happened at late night nearly took life of a young boy. Care of Asia was called up for an emergency evacuation. With his medical condition, he was not fit to fly so we couldnt evacuate him to Bangkok. Care of Asia team had to find a way but must be very quick to bring our patient to an adequate hospital close by. We quickly picked up Xuyen A hospital in Vietnam, a new one which is not very away from Pnompenh. It took our team 3 hour speeding up on our BLS ambulance. The team was concentrating on patient's consciousness. Thanks to modern equipment we get on the BLS ambulance. Oxygen was supplied continuously. The patient arrived safe and sound after crossing the border to Vietnam. It took our escort team less than 5 minutes to proceed all the immigration procedure at Cambodian border. Care of Asia was very hands on to dispatch our staff there at the border security, the staff finished all procedure before the ambulance comes...


A medical report to be updated on time and saved the patient’s life

In  Ho Chi Minh city, even a very commercial center of Vietnam, there are still local standard hospitals the patient may get admitted and could not receive good treatment enough and life threatening may come in the serious cases.

There was an accident of hydrofoils which sank off in Ho Chi Minh city. There were nine people killed and a few injured. One of the injured is a subscriber of Care of Asia insurance’s client. The accident was reported to the insurance when he was transferred to a local state owned hospital. His condition was very serve. The local hospital did not provide a medical report to the third party, the insurance. However, thanks to our good relationship with some of the doctor who took in charge this case. Our coordinating doctor was immediately dispatched to the hospital and obtained sub’s medical condition. The insurance was then updated clearly about how sub’s going. Our doctor after visiting the patient recommended the patient to be moved to another hospital where doctors can speak English and patient may receive better care.

Our team was organized to coordinate with the treating doctor to monitor the patient’s condition. Another staff was sent in advance to settle the hospital bills and complete the discharge procedure. Then, sub was put on a stretcher to be carried to our BLS ambulance. We transferred our sub to FV hospital, a good international one in the city. The patient arrived safely and admitted in ICU department. During this hospitalization, our patient was under good care. We monitor sub’s situation together with the medical team of FV and we both cooperated to keep the insurance updated regularly about what treatment was being applied and how patient’s condition’s been progressing.

Our sub had a son who wanted to visit him in Vietnam. Care of Asia processed his travel booking. We booked his flight from the UK to Vietnam with our local ticketing agency and got excellent price and arranged a nice hotel where we have good contract rate.

A comfortable SUV was arranged to pick sub’s son up at the airport and the son also requested this SUV for moving around while he is here to look after his father. One private driver was appointed to assist the son.


Dear Care of Asia management,

Hope your team is doing well there. I am John Petersons who has just arrived home from Vietnam few weeks ago. My wife and I would like to send this message to say thank you very much for your excellent and very hand held service provided to my wife. It is snowy here in Sweden and this morning I took her back to the hospital for a second follow up visit. Doctor said that her injury has processed very well and she only needs to practice walking by herself for a few more weeks. We must say that in a far place like that, without your quick action in sending the ambulance with very good medical team to bring my wife to the hospital, we would have been put in a terrible situation. Especially thanks to Dr The Vinh who was dedicated to his job and extremely helpful, kept checking and listening to us to calm us down. I also sent a feedback to my insurance and hence use their services for future trips.

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